Compact Single InletCentrifugal Utility Blowers


Centrifugal type single inlet blower featuring the unique External Rotor Motor, with motorized impeller totally enclosed into blower housing (no motor overhang). Unique design allows speed control from 0 to 100%, even with inexpensive electronic speed control devices.


Motor and impeller are manufactured as one integral unit, both statically and dynamically balanced. Ball bearings are permanently lubricated and sealed. Motor is rated for continuous duty providing long service life under maximum load conditions. Motors provided with automatic or manual reset thermal overload protection. Class F insulation is standard for all motors.

Housing Construction

Scroll type housing constructed of galvanized steel housing assembled with tab and fold technology (no welds) for strength and durability. An inlet ring is formed into side plate.


All motors are constructed of UL approved materials.


Blowers can be mounted in any position.


Motor design eliminates need to service. Periodic inspection to clear the impeller of any debris is recommended.

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